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快3开奖结果:Scholarship Events

Upcoming Events


Information Session on studying in non-English speaking countries

Every year, MFA organises an Information Session for students interested in pursuing their undergraduate studies in non-English speaking countries, namely China, France, Germany or Japan. Embassy representatives and MFA scholars who have studied in these countries will share about the application process and their experience respectively at this event.  Through this session, you will learn more about the studying opportunities in these countries, and also find out what the MFA scholarship entails and the support that MFA offers to its scholars who are studying in these countries.

Registration for this event will next open in late August 2018.  Register your interest to be notified.  Queries can be directed to [email protected]

Past Events

MFA held the Foreign Service Scholarship Tea Session for JC2 and equivalent and polytechnic students on 10 March 2018. This event gave students an insight into the challenges of being a Foreign Service Officer (FSO), and was a good opportunity for students to meet our management, FSOs and scholars up close to learn more about what MFA has to offer.

Activities for the event included:

  • Sharing of personal experiences by our Foreign Service Officers;
  • Sharing by our scholars on their development opportunities and experiences studying in various countries;
  • Sharing on details of the MFA-tied scholarship;
  • Networking with senior management, MFA officers and scholars.

    Here are some highlights of the Tea Session:



    See you at next year's Tea Session, which will be held in the first quarter of 2019!
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